Monday, October 19, 2009

Refills do not exist

One thing that I have learned from living in Japan is that I take free refills, available at many establishments in the U.S., for granted. There is essentially no such thing as a free refill in Japan. Not anywhere. This includes McDonald's (which in itself will be the topic of another post in the future) or any fast food restaurant. I think I have HEARD of one mythical place that offers free refills (must find...), but that's the extent of free refills in Japan.

And to make matters worse, the amount of drink that they do give you is extremely small and quite insufficient to (especially my) drinking needs. The tasty beverage is NOT filled to the top by any means; I would say there is often a solid inch of free (i.e. wasted) space left between the liquid and the top of the cup. Add that to the space that ice takes up, and you got yourself one small drink. And this, of course, also applies to ALL places. I have never gotten a substantial enough amount of beverage anytime I order a drink... which always leaves me with a big frowny face and a desperate attempt to drink every possible drop (which, if there is a straw, doesn't create a pleasant sound for those around). And added to the fact that there are no free refills, I have begun to skipping the whole ordering a drink thing, saving me a lot of frustration and disappointment (not to mention money).

I will try to secure a photo of this as soon as possible.

So, to end, don't come to Japan for the refills.

Just to note, all of this applies especially to fast food establishments. When it should be the opposite in my opinion.

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