Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To get us started

Quick intro: I'm an American living in Japan (Tokyo area), working full time. I studied abroad in Japan before (see here, a site into which much effort was put) when I was still a college student, but that was more of a vacation, this shit's the real deal now. Living here and taking care of ALL of your own things (nobody holding your hand here) is interesting to say the least.

Anyway, through living here I know and see and notice things about Japan that anyone who DOESN'T live here full time would probably never know. And I'm not talking about boring shit like "oh there are vending machines everywhere isn't that so NEAT?!" No no, those are the slightly interesting things that are very obvious to anyone who takes one step into Japan. The stuff I'm gonna put on here amazes even me and is not talked about when Japan is brought up (there's the "you probably don't know about it" part).

Therefore, I have decided to start this blog to share the wonderful, relatively unknown wonders of Japan with the world (whenever I have time). Some will be very specific and some will be very general. I already have a list of things going around in my head that I want to put on here, so as Eminem finely stated in some stupid song, get ready, this shit is about to get crazy.