Thursday, October 1, 2009

Let's start with something easy

So here's my first actual post about something in Japan that you probably didn't know about. And it has to do with bicycles. Yes, bicycles.

Like most countries that aren't the United States, bicycles are an extremely popular form of transportation in Japan. Therefore theft runs high, as it does anywhere where there are a good number of bikes around. To prevent this, ALL bikes COME with a very convenient, easy to use, and rather small, but also very effective lock already installed on the back wheel. My bike has one. All bikes have one. Here's a nifty little picture to show you how they work that I found on the world wide websites (I would have gone out and taken a picture of my own bike right now, but it's quite dark outside at the moment. Plus this has all the steps to it anyway)

source -

So when you buy a bike, you also get a handy little lock and keys with it. Not to mention the fact that you never have to carry around any sort of large, unwieldy lock at any time of your life just to make sure your bike isn't stolen by some fool. It's pretty clever and very convenient, so way to go Japan.

Ok so maybe this one isn't so interesting. But they're going to get better, I promise. I just wanted to get something on here, and this was an easy one. I am very excited for some future ones, but they will require much more effort. But, they're worth it, so look forward to it.

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